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RE: in-to-out security
From: "Joe George" <j.george () conservation org>
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 10:54:30 -0500

Great! Thanks for all your feedback.  I think I have enough information
from the security community to get something going.  The risk assessment
suggestion would probably prove to be the best place to begin. I think
his managers need to know in a language they understand as to the
dangers of not having at least some policy in place.  Just like Kenton
mentioned, it is a starting point toward a security plan.  

Take care,


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--- Joe George <j.george () conservation org> wrote:


1.    Was I right to suggest this rather than help my
colleague look
for an app/training solution?
Yes, I would never agree to secure someone's network without there being
applicable policies in place first. If there is no policy you have no
starting point from which to come up with a security plan.
2.    How would you convince an obviously passive CTO
to do the right
Check the law. I know you've asked this further on but this may be the
only way to get through to this guy.
The only other thing I can think of is that if they expect their
employees to trust and respect management, then management has to do the
same thing in return. Tell them what you're doing up front. The people
who are really against it might quit, but the ones left behind are
probably the ones who are already using the company's resource properly.
3.    If such an application/training exists, can you
There are many companies that offer both software and training programs
in user awareness. I don't know any off-hand but Google will find a
4.    Is it legal to implement user-monitoring without
informing the
staff?  This is where I think policy
This would be something that he'd have to investigate.
I am not a lawyer and the laws vary from state-to-state. I'd be very
surprised though if there isn't a precident saying that you at least
have to tell people you're monitoring them.


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