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Re: Internet Keyword System..
From: cc <cc () belfordhk com>
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 09:28:08 +0800

Dan Bogda wrote::
The Chinese mainland has been pursuing domestic technologies rather than
automatically licensing the ISO/Western technologies available, i.e.
cell phone protocols, encryption, now Keywords? This sounds like a
parallel to the existing Keyword system. AOL was one the early pioneers,
other players are iKeyword and Yahoo to name a few. Essentially these
companies have a user base and they provide an alternative search method
for a fee to participating businesses. This same practice has morphed
into paid search engine results and other targeted advertising.

It's one way, AFAICS, that the Mainland government can cash into
this Internet.  While I doubt it's anything new, it's the way
the go about in doing this that scares me.

I have included some links to the CNNIC site that detail the press
announcement and the terms. Your initial instincts are not far off, but
this is essentially what AOL did when they first debuted their keywords.
I can't say whether this is official or not, but they are trying to
create a system that sits above DNS and charges for the use of easy
keywords instead of long domain names. Just like AOLs keywords, you can
choose to ignore it and people will still find your site. Unfortunately,
just like DNS and AOL keywords, someone else can register keywords
related to your company or industry.

So basically, it still doesn't prevent any fraudulent use of
any trademark/domain name.  I mean, even without the keywords,
people are still being phished and pharmed.   Wouldn't it be
easier to be phished and pharmed this way?

If you are considering writing this off as a joke, don't forget that the
Chinese mainland has done something very similar with their patent
system. They allowed foreign companies a window to patent their

Well, in a sense, it is a joke; but on who, that is the question.
If I were to pay for this, I'd feel it'd be a joke on me.

technology after introducing them in China. Those who failed to register
in time lost any patent protection since China recognizes their patent
system over those of foreign countries. 

Sounds exactly the same thing, which in retrospect, really makes
zero difference, since piracy/bootlegs are so rampant.  It's really
not funny.  They can take *anything* under the sun and make a fake
copy.  (On a side note: Ever had a 'fake' egg? or fake vermicelli?)

If you are worried about the legitimacy, I would suggest finding a good
lawyer. If you are worried about the necessity, that is a business
decision. China is your closest neighbor and I'm sure they represent a
large percentage of your customer base. If you are not paying for other
keywords though, why start now? This is just another player in a
saturated market, however they do have a rather large user base.

True.  That's why I'm having reservations about this.  The
potential user base is what's making me feel the MD will
really want to go for this.   But instinctively, the initial
letter is unsettling, to say the least.

Thank you very much, Dan for your input.   As cliched as
this may sound, the knowledge gained might help me understand


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