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RE: All-in-one Spam/Virus Solution
From: "Joel Pippin" <joel () securena com>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 21:50:13 -0400

My clients are very happy with the IronPort Blocker I procured last month.
If you have 3 grand or so to put towards a solution that actually works with
reliable support, then I recommend a gateway like this one. I have a few
admin friends who are happy with Barracuda, but I've read that the false
positives are pretty high. Another thing that swayed me was that Dell uses
IronPort and that IronPort's SenderBase reputation scoring is relied upon

I'm still waiting for my SpamAssassin clients to stop complaining about how
bad spam has become.

- J Pippin

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On Sat, Jul 28, 2007 at 01:43:00PM +0200, Hylton Conacher (ZR1HPC) wrote:
Hi Mike,

Mike Preslicka wrote:
Hey everyone,
    My company is the process of looking for a new all-in-one 
spam/virus solution for our servers and workstations.  Along with 
those we want something for exchange as well.  We're currently using 
Trend Micro's Client Server Messaging Suite.  The reason we want to 
replace this product is: 1) there technical support is horrible and 
seems like the people I talk to in tech support know nothing about 
their product, and 2) Every time an update is made, some useful 
feature has been removed.  So we're looking for an alternative 
solution.  In reality an all-in-one type solution would be 
preferred, but separate solutions for workstations, servers, and email
would be considered as well.

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!  Thank you for 
your time and help!

I'd suggest running your email thru a Postfix mailserver with ClamAv 
and SpamAssassin active. Keep your email store as your exchange box 
and then install AVG free on the desktops to automatically update from 
your proxy server. This will initially need someone to decide what 
email is spam and what not so that SpamAssassin can learn. Keep a 
daily check on it and soon you should have SpamAssasin catching all 
the spam and likewise ClamAv catching the viruses. Whatever they don't 
catch the AVG product on the desktop will. I believe that the paid 
version of AVG offers a spam detection engine as well so it might be a 
good idea to add this onto your workstations.

Technically, using the free version of AVG on desktops in a business network
is a violation of license terms.  If you want to use AVG (which is an
excellent desktop antivirus solution), you should look into the paid version
of the software.

ClamWin is one of the best virus scanners available, and may also be worth
looking into for that reason (as well as being open source software).  On
the downside, ClamWin does not provide "realtime"

CCD CopyWrite Chad Perrin [ http://ccd.apotheon.org ] John W. Russell:
"People point. Sometimes that's just easier. They also use words. Sometimes
that's just easier. For the same reasons that pointing has not made words
obsolete, there will always be command lines."

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