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Re: Multi-Factor Authentication Concern
From: Roch <elrocho () gmail com>
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007 18:31:37 +0100

Bob appears to be mixing up dual-control (or more) systems, user
segregation etc, and multi-factor authentication.

On 10/08/07, Dutton, Larry <Larry.Dutton () redstone co uk> wrote:
To me it's obvious and I agree with you - multi factor authentication
requires a SINGLE person to provide multiple identification, security
access systems are all keyed around the user object, you assign
resources (pins, badges, bio-data) to the user for THEM to access - if
they only provide one credential then they won't get in unless you have
multiple methods and allow any:

        Jim badges in = "Hello Jim, please scan retina"
        Mike scans his retina = "you're not Jim! - no entry"
        Sally enters a her PIN = "Hello, please scan retina"

Multi-factor authentication is an AND statement, not an OR, unless you
provide three methods and except only one..
That's my take on it!

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Subject: Multi-Factor Authentication Concern

I'm having an argument with someone at work about multi-factor
authentication. We'll call him Bob.

Bob claims that in a multi-factor authentication system, the factors
don't need to identify the same person. In other words, Bob thinks it's
perfectly OK for the door to the data-center to open when Jim badges in,
Mike scans his retina, and Sally enters a her PIN.

This is obviously wrong. Bob says "prove it". So I've scoured the net
and books for something that describes multi-factor authentication as
requiring that all factors identify the same person. So far, I can't
find anything.

Is it so obvious that nobody has bothered to write it down, or am I
wrong in my thinking?


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