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Re: Current Index of SANS GSEC Materials?
From: "The Security Community" <thesecuritycommunity () gmail com>
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2007 11:02:13 -0500

Sorry to dig up this old thread.

I'm just curious as to how the test went.  Did you finally roll your own index?

Would you like to share your experience?

On Aug 31, 2007 4:35 PM, Brad Andrews <andrews () rbacomm com> wrote:

I could index the books without reading it.  I am in the process of
reading through all of them now, along with a second listening to the
course by Eric Cole on mp3 audio.  I would still prefer I had an index
so I can focus on the reading, not the indexing, since the act of
doing that has nothing to do with learning the material.  :)

I would also argue that you have to know the material to be able to
apply it quickly, even if you can find it.  Or at least you should if
the test is really good.  If these certs are just knowing what page to
look on then they aren't as strong as I had hoped!

A good test covers more than just "trivia".  Though as I noted, I have
not taken this test yet, so I do not know how much it focuses on
trivia.  (If you have taken it, I am not sure how much you are then
allowed to comment.)

One though comes to mind is also that it is possible to miss a key
term when preparing your own index, which is why prepared indexes are
so useful in good books.

Also, how many people who pass prepare an index of the materials?  If
it is not many, which I suspect, then it is really not that valuable.
I doubt the people taking the course Eric Cole teaches on the mp3
audio files made an index.  In fact, he never suggested it for the
parts I have covered so far, so I doubt it is as serious of an issue
as some are making it seem.

If it is serious, then making it should almost be a requirement.  If
not, then it should not be a problem to share it.

Am I also violating the "rules" if I have some CISSP prep books around
when I take the test, since these cover similar material and are
already indexed?  I certainly won't have read all of them at that
point.  :)


Quoting Michael Hale <eyeronic.design () gmail com>:

It's a way to make sure you go through the materials.

Any idiot can pass the test with the electronic versions of the books.
 But if you have to go through the book and make your own index, it's
a virtual guarantee that you have to at least look at the pages and
see what's in there.

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