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Re: Arp spoffing question
From: Arjuna Scagnetto <arjuna () ts infn it>
Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2007 16:46:13 +0100

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I need to demonstrate Arp spoffing to my manager.
lets say that i have in the lab a pc names pc A a
Gateway and my pc-which is pc J.
I want that all the traffic from pc A and the Gateway
and vise versa will pass throw pc J. do I need to
connect PC J with two nic cards to the main switch or
with just one, as far as I understand I need to
connect it with 2 nics,am I wrong?

You can use only one ethernet card, try "ettercap" is a simple but
powerfull program to do this kind of job.

arpspoofing miniminiminihowto

PC J has jj:jj:jj:jj:jJ:JJ mac address for simplicity  jj::
PC A has aa:aa:aa:aa:aa:aa mac address  for simplicity aa::
GW has gw:gw:gw:gw:gw:gw mac address for simplicity    gw::

PC J tells to GW "this is my mac address aa::"
PC tells to PC a "this is my mac address gw::"

this kind of messages are allowed since there's the security hole in the
arp protocol it self.

look for ettercap with google you'll find many many interesting web sites.

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