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RE: security not a big priority?
From: <jbeauford () EightInOnePet com>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 10:51:44 -0500

Francois Yang wrote:
So I have a problem and like to know what you guys think.
I'm a Security Analyst at an Education institute. A community college
to be more precise. 
So I was brought on board to address security issues and work on
making this place a better place.  Now the problem is. 
1. I'm in the network operation team.  no security group.
2. My boss doesn't seem to know much about security.
3. My boss doesn't seem to think highly of security since all my
projects seems to be of low priority. 
4. I have a long list of things that needs to be done and they are
all waiting for the engineers to work on it. But again they have
better things to do. So what am I suppose to do? look for another
job? :) anyone run into this problem before?  
I'm at the point where I'm not sure what to do.



Definitely DO NOT look for another job.  It sounds like you're being
presented with a huge opportunity.  I'd recommend implementing some sort
of HelpDesk or Priority list so that you can keep track of your tasks.
I'm not sure what you need the Network Engineers to do, however push
forward.  Apply pressure on their team to do their part. Try to identify
the steps involved in completing each task.  It may be easier to
complete one task if another is already resolved.  Your boss may not
know much about security, but frankly, he/she may not need to.  That's
what you're there for.  Step up to the plate and take control of the
situation.  Use your boss for guidance, but you should really take the
helm here.  It's been my experience that management support is key.  If
you can get the support of your boss and his/her peers, then they can
assist in getting the other teams to work with you.

Again, it sounds like a great opportunity and although it may be
overwhelming at first, persevere and you will be better for it.  Good

Kind Regards,


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