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One-Time Pad software?
From: FocusHacks <focushacks () gmail com>
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2007 00:42:18 -0600

I am looking for software implementations of one-time pad encryption.
Ideally, these would be cross platform, and command line open-source
would be even better.  This is mostly for fun, and I've considered
just sitting down and writing my own, which I may very well do
anyways, once I see what else is out there.

The only features I really care about:
* The ability to allow me to supply the key data (preferably binary)
* The ability to encrypt and decrypt binary files

Optionally, it would be nice if it had the ability to use multiple
"pages" (blocks, files, whatever) of a pad when the file in question
is larger than one piece of the pad.  For instance, if your "pad"
consisisted of many 20k binary files full of pseudo-random data, and
you wished to encrypt a 3 megabyte file, it would use as many
sequential pad files as needed, as opposed to "looping" one of the pad
files to meet the demand.

I really don't care about whiz-bang diffie-hellman IDEA MD5
this-and-that.  We have GPG for that.  I'm looking for something
different.  A typical Vernam-derived modulo stream cipher tool would


Thanks in advance!

http://www.focushacks.com/focushacks-gpg.txt - My GPG encryption key

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