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RE: Wireless IP leads to arrest..
From: "William Holmberg" <wholmberg () amdpi com>
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 10:32:49 -0500

I am unsure of the trust issue you refer to, and what other tools are
more trustworthy?
That Apple will use the SW to get PI info is a given, but most sw that
is not open source does.
I find that the rich experience of iTunes more than compensates me for
any issues I may have- and BTW, since I use it primarily on a Mac, the
security issues are not significant. I lock it down, don't share, and
have my Firewall set up in Stealth mode. When I connect publicly I use
an external USB fob device, and I can change the MAC addresses of all my
airport connections often and easily on the Mac, as well as regularly
changing the name of the computer as it is seen by others.
Paranoid? Maybe, but it's the slight edge principal- Get enough small
edges over the bad guys and they add up to a major advantage...


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Just want to quickly interject that you don't need to use iTunes if you
have an iPod. Maybe the newest fancy ones, sure, and maybe if you need
to purchase music through iTunes and use it on your iPod. But I've had
an iPod for many years and I manage it just fine using other tools on
Windows and Linux. Are they bugfree and as slick as iTunes? No, but I do
trust them more.

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