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Re: Full disk encryption from disk drive manufacturers?
From: gjgowey () tmo blackberry net
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 21:36:20 +0000

Actually, I just tried purchasing one of these from a generic system builder and these aren't available for end-user 
purchase per their (the builder that I called) contract with Seagate.  I called Seagate directly and spoke with 
presales support and right now these drives are restricted for purchasing to system builders.  I don't know if their 
are different OEM builders that have different contract terms with Seagate, but I'm doubting it.  Pretty much you're 
looking at only being able to get these drives if you purchase a system with one in them.


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From: "William Holmberg" <wholmberg () amdpi com>

Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 13:36:47 
To:"Paul Ryland" <paul () transversal com>,<security-basics () securityfocus com>
Subject: RE: Full disk encryption from disk drive manufacturers?

I don't mean to chastise you, but you obviously didn't look at those
NONE of them have the drives, and one even states it is a discontinued
In fact, I tried to order one and they couldn't give me a delivery date
or even complete the sale.
This is exactly the issue as Mrsray laid out!
So... now I am curious as to the story behind these drives...
Can anyone find an actual dealer that has any? Did the government buy
all of them? Or, did the technology fail dramatically?
Everyone loves a good mystery...

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Subject: RE: Full disk encryption from disk drive manufacturers?

Mrsray wrote:
Thanks for your advice Geoff ...

I guess I should have added in, my job info ... I am an IT 
purchasing agent. 
I buy IT items all day every day.  I have connections with 
people that get me hard to find drives and sales reps that 
work for me from places like dell and cdw.  I am not just joe 
shmoe coming off the street asking for these drives.  I would 
think if any of my connections could get them for me they 
would since I know them well and do a lot of business with 
them all the time.  That is what makes this really wierd for 
me.  Especially when I read these posts in this forum, which 
all made it sound so easy to find those drives.  So, long 
story short, I have dealt with small independent shops that 
have techdata accounts and still no luck.

IF ANYONE HAS BOUGHT an FDE.2, please let me know.-

Well, as always, the place to search is Google:



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