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RE: Laptop - Full Disk Encryption?
From: "Jason Gifford" <JGifford () paraport com>
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 09:28:05 -0700

 May want to check out PGP's Full Disk Encryption system. On the
enterprise level it does support password recovery.

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Subject: RE: Laptop - Full Disk Encryption?

I'm a bit of a newb myself, but for password recovery we have them
written down and sealed in envelopes then placed in a safe. A trusted
individual has access to them in case someone forgets a password.

Use strong passwords.

Just my $.02


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Subject: Laptop - Full Disk Encryption?

Does anyone know of a good full disk encryption product.
It will be used for senior management so it must be easy to use and
recover if the password is forgotten.

Assumptions are that laptop information security is strongest if data is
not saved locally but an audit has revealed otherwise.

Technical Controls (proposed)

1. BIOS password. (currently not enforced) 2. Full disk or partition
encryption. (currently not enforced)

Is there anything else I should take into account?

I have read that encryption is useless if the password that is used is
not strong is this true?

Thanks in advance for any help, greatly appreciated.


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