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RE: Group Policy Connundrum - Stick with it, its confusing!!!
From: "Jon Petre" <jono-31 () hotmail co uk>
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2007 16:41:43 +0000

Hi Roger,

OK. I have ran a couple of the test's that you recommended and would really appreciate your input:

This is the output from gpresult on the local workstation - I have omitted the computer policies and just included the user policies.

   Last time Group Policy was applied: 02/10/2007 at 10:36:05
   Group Policy was applied from:      dcserver.**********.local
   Group Policy slow link threshold:   500 kbps

   Applied Group Policy Objects
       Default Domain Policy
       No Internet

   The following GPOs were not applied because they were filtered out
       Small Business Server Internet Connection Firewall
           Filtering:  Denied (WMI Filter)
           WMI Filter: PreSP2

       Small Business Server Windows Firewall
           Filtering:  Not Applied (Empty)

       Small Business Server Client Computer
           Filtering:  Not Applied (Empty)

       Small Business Server Domain Password Policy
           Filtering:  Not Applied (Empty)

       Small Business Server Lockout Policy
           Filtering:  Disabled (GPO)

       Small Business Server Remote Assistance Policy
           Filtering:  Disabled (GPO)

       Local Group Policy
           Filtering:  Not Applied (Empty)

   The user is a part of the following security groups:
       Domain Users
       NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users
       No Internet
       Terminal Services Users
       Branch Users
       Web Workplace Users

   Resultant Set Of Policies for User:

       Software Installations

       Public Key Policies

       Administrative Templates
           GPO: No Internet
Setting: Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Control Panel
               State:   Enabled

       Folder Redirection

       Internet Explorer Browser User Interface
           GPO: No Internet
               Large Animated Bitmap Name:      N/A
               Large Custom Logo Bitmap Name:   N/A
               Title BarText:                   P****** Ltd
               UserAgent Text:                  N/A
               Delete existing toolbar buttons: No

       Internet Explorer Connection
           HTTP Proxy Server:
           Secure Proxy Server:
           FTP Proxy Server:
           Gopher Proxy Server:
           Socks Proxy Server:
           Auto Config Enable:  No
           Enable Proxy:        Yes
           Use same Proxy:      Yes

       Internet Explorer URLs
           GPO: No Internet
               Home page URL:           N/A
               Search page URL:         N/A
               Online support page URL: N/A

       Internet Explorer Security
           Always Viewable Sites:     N/A
           Password Override Enabled: False

           GPO: No Internet
               Import the current Content Ratings Settings:      No
               Import the current Security Zones Settings:       No
               Import current Authenticode Security Information: No
               Enable trusted publisher lockdown:                No

       Internet Explorer Programs
           GPO: No Internet
               Import the current Program Settings: No

From this I can see the policy that applies the false proxy but I can not
see my exceptions that are in place!! This is rather confusing for me.

After further investigation I believe I am right in saying that GP's are applied to OU's and not security groups. If this is the case, then the AD infrastructure that I am working on is setup incorrectly. All the users are placed in one OU. After carrying out an RSOP on the OU, and then drilling down, I find that no proxy settings are been enabled!! As you can probably see, I am actually quite confused now.

Can you shed further light on this confusing matter. If you require further info, I will be most happy to oblige.



From: "Roger A. Grimes" <roger () banneretcs com>
To: "Jon Petre" <jono-31 () hotmail co uk>,<security-basics () securityfocus com>
Subject: RE: Group Policy Connundrum - Stick with it, its confusing!!!
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 15:07:01 -0400


There are lots of ways to troubleshot.

Try running an rsop.msc on the workstation and look at the relevant

Or you can run gpresult.exe /v >gpresult.txt && gpresult.txt and look at
it in a text file.

Are the correct settings being pushed down? If so, then it might be a
GPO application problem. You can turn on group policy logging and see
what is not being applied, and why.

If rsop.msc and gpresult show the correct settings, are the correct
registry edits being made under HKCU\Software\Policies?

I'll help you troubleshoot.


*Roger A. Grimes, Senior Security Consultant
*Microsoft Application Consulting and Engineering (ACE) Services
*CPA, CISSP, CISA MCSE: Security (2000/2003), CEH, yada...yada...
*email: roger () banneretcs com or rogrim () microsoft com
*Author of Windows Vista Security: Security Vista Against Malicious
Attacks (Wiley)

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From: listbounce () securityfocus com [mailto:listbounce () securityfocus com]
On Behalf Of Jon Petre
Sent: Friday, September 28, 2007 5:09 AM
To: security-basics () securityfocus com
Subject: Group Policy Connundrum - Stick with it, its confusing!!!

Hello List,

I have an issue at a customers site regarding GP that goes a little like

I have created a policy named no internet. I have created a security
group named the same. In this group are so many users based across the
country that I want to limit the internet usage, therefore I have
created a false proxy @ that all their internet use has to pass
through. This gives the expected result where no pages are displayed
regardless of which site the user goes to. I have also created some
exceptions for this policy, which do not use the proxy, i.e.

www.homepageofcompany.com, www.siteiwanttoallow.com,

This is done by setting the 'user configuration > Internet Explorer >
Connection > Proxy Settings > Exceptions'. The desired output is that
user's logon and can access these sites, but any other non specified
site wont work.

----I hope this makes sense so far----

Then by setting the 'Admin Template > Windows Components > Internet
Explorer  > Disable Changing Proxy Settings' to enabled effectively
grays out the proxy settings in internet explorer and stops the user
from altering the settings.

OK, this is where the issues start. When I toggle the 'Admin Template >
Windows Components > Internet Explorer > Disable Changing Proxy
between enable and disable, and update the policy on the local machine
via GPUPDATE, or even from the server by forcing the update, everything
works and the proxy is enabled and disabled as specified.

However, when I try to make changes to  any part of the user config, the
policy does not seem to initialise. What I mean is any sites I add to
the exception list do not appear and the end result is the user can not
access any sites at all. I have logged on and off, and re-booted
workstation all to no effect.

Any suggestions on why the user configuration portion of the Group
Policy does not work would be much appreciated. I am sure all the
permissions are set correctly, i.e. the apply GP settings, read settings
etc. If they wasn't, then surely no part of the policy would work, would



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