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RE: Inculcating an interest in Security
From: "uglyhunK" <uglyhunK () hippiecluB org>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 22:10:16 +0530

Hey Kirpa,

Creating interest depends on not just the subject matter alone; how you
present that matters a great deal.
Also, you don't necessarily have to publish/present a techinical
paper/article to create interest.
For example, to create awareness about computer security, a biography of
famous hackers will be a great starting point.
You can even show them some gr8 movies based on hacking. Surely, it will
inspire 1 or 2 if you are persistent.


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Hey group,   I'm just a student from a Bangalore based college and heading
the local newsletter for the same. The kind of response i get from the next
generation of "budding engineers" presents a very grim picture to me in
terms of what kind of talent is going in to the industry and how the quality
might further deteriorate later on. Open Source, Linux, Security (MS or
Linux/App or Web) are topics rarely brought up and even when they are, they
have limited response as people "think" its too complicated and too much of
a botheration. Mention Solaris and they'll think its a new planet discovered
on the edge of our galaxy...sigh...   I'd like to take advantage of my
position to  inculcate an interest in Security, Linux or Open Source
Movement, etc. (add in anything that you like) which will get students a
chance to rediscover the joy or interest in this part of development. I'm
looking for any articles, original or otherwise (that can be published
without infringing on the rights of the author) to get such a response or
change in attitude in my fellow students.   The articles don't necessarily
have to be of a technical nature, it could be some fun facts or just a case
study on the effects/impacts that these have on the industry and as a
direct/indirect result on the global community as a whole. Anything else
that you feel pertinent to the subject would be welcome and deeply
appreciated.   Credit would be given to the author as due. Do send in any
contributions in terms of matter or links to content that could be useful in
this regard to editor.pesse () gmail com . Note that with the indicators of the
kind of interest in students around me specified, a large amount of
technicality is perhaps best avoided.   Regards,   Kirpa Singh Gulati PES
School Of Engineering BE Info Science

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