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Re: Wireless range limiting
From: "Jeremy Bennett" <jbennett () arubanetworks com>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 12:14:40 -0700

(Disclaimer: I actively develop the RFprotect products for Aruba Networks)

RFprotect Mobile, like Air Magnet Survey, gives you the ability to do
surveys of wireless coverage and plot them on imported floor plans. In
addition to survey functionalaty RFprotect provides the ability to do walk
around vulnerability assessments, compliance reporting, and location
analysis. RFprotect Mobile also costs significantly less than $18k

RFprotect Distributed, like the Newbury RF Firewall, allows you to deploy a
24x7 infrastructure that can monitor and secure your networks against
unauthorized users and attackers. Unlike RF Firewall users are given
complete control of the enforcement policy to determine precisely how
prevention and access control is applied.


Jeremy Bennett
Aruba Networks

On 4/16/08 10:34 AM, "Kurt Buff" <kurt.buff () gmail com> wrote:

Ah, yes. IIRC what you're looking for is called Air Magnet - we had a
fellow in to do a wireless survey of our area for mapping best
placement for WAPs when we upgrade, and the software he was using did
exactly that, and he said it cost something like US$18k. He had it
installed on a nice tablet PC, and I wandered around our building with
him for a day while he mapped it all out. He had a Cisco WAP attached
to a large battery pack that we installed in the ceiling at various
points. It produced some really nice graphics, and even detected
interference from our microwave ovens in the lunch room, and
characterized and mapped them accurately.

Incredibly nifty, but the IT director just can't seem to fit it into
his budget for me to play with it. :)


On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 8:41 AM, Charles Hardin <fonestorm () gmail com> wrote:
A co-worker of mine was recently telling me of a tool he had seen
 several years ago. A utility where you could upload a floor plan of
 your building and specify where your access points are located. You
 could then walk around your perimeter with a wireless client with an
 agent on it that would allow you to marcate the physical boundries of
 where you want the wireless signal to reach and it would reject
 clients outside this range based on the signal.

 Has anyone ever heard of anything remotely like this?

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