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Re: Few interesting topics in Network Security please.
From: krymson () gmail com
Date: 28 Apr 2008 20:41:49 -0000

Just how basic/newbie would this class be? Are the students brand new to networking? Or do they know what an IP is, how 
to subnet, the difference between hubs and switches, basics of the TCP handshake? Also, you need to ask whether you 
want the lab students to spend their time generating traffic or analyzing it; i.e. will you make them create a wire 
trace or will you provide it to them? Both approaches emphasize different things (and have their own challenges!).

I'll assume they're very basic but are comfortable with technology.

Would a lab delving into the difference between a hub and a switch be too basic? Perhaps labs based on what the 
professor's course outline looks like would be best. Try to figure out how to best hands-on illustrate the current 
week's topics in the lecture part of the course.

I would recommend checking out two books that are presented more as a tutorial/lab type of training.

Computer Networking: Internet Protocols in Action by Jeanna Matthews [1] is an excellent primter in networking and 
security. And instead of relying on a lab setting to generate traffic, Matthews provides the packet captures, allowing 
the students to spend all their time analyzing traffic rather than attempting to uniformly generate it.

Practical TCP/IP: Designing, Using, and Troubleshooting TCP/IP Networks on Linux and Windows by Niall Mansfield [2] has 
great material on practical hands-on tasks to allow students to not just read, but learn by doing as well.

Teaching about networking is necessary in order to teach about network security. In fact, teaching networking 
inherently teaches security, especially when it comes to accessing different networks or reading packet data off the 

[1] http://www.bookpool.com/sm/0471661864

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I am a student. Who is doing project under a professor. In our
university from next year a new course on NETWORKING is going to be
started. My task is to design "lab experiments" for that course.

Can you please suggest few experimental ideas, that will help a newbie
in Networking field.

Note: "Network Security" is also included.


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