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RE: How does a customer get PCI audited?
From: "Scott Race" <srace () jdaarch com>
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2008 14:40:26 -0700

So, does this mean that a Tier 3 or 4 really won't get a random audit
under current laws?  My customer is definitely a Tier 3 or 4, she does
about 300 transactions a year.  

The answer to this is really my main question, because I'd like to be
able to tell the customer "You could get a phone call tomorrow and get
audited", or "No, you won't get a phone call tomorrow, but if there was
ever any security breach, your entire business would be at risk".

I don't want to scare her and say she could get a knock on the door when
she won't because of her merchant level.  

Ultimately my goal is to secure her system, regardless, but I just want
to be able to accurately let her know the risks involved in not becoming

Thanks again.

~Scott Race

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No, all are required to be compliant. Only certain levels have to prove
compliance. This is NOT the same thing.


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Subject: Re: How does a customer get PCI audited?

Okay, so putting aside talk of how to secure environments, class action
lawsuits and whatnot, the question you need to ask is: what tier is this
organization classified under?  Only certain tiers are having their feet
held to the flame so far.  Tier 1 and 2 organizations are required to be
compliant (as of Sept. 30 and Dec 31st of last year, respectively) but
to my knowledge that's it.  So, at least for now, if your organization
is considered Tier 3 or below, they aren't at risk yet.  That said, for
Tier 3/4 organizations, the impact of being found out of compliance
(when the day comes) will be greater, since the penalties will probably
constitute a larger percentage of their overall revenue.

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