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Re: remote control program
From: "Brad Bendily" <bendily () gmail com>
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2008 10:29:23 -0500

sgp () unsl edu ar wrote:

Thank you all for the answers, I need to implement remote administration
several branches of my clients and was evaluating the tool (Logmein) to
implement, at first I thought was spectacular, by not having to configure
anything on the routers to allow access from the internet.
But I am very concerned about whether the tool is reliable, in other words
if the company owns the tool is.

Sergio Properzi.
San Luis Argentina.

I have been using this software to manage my parents and friends
computers. I have not had any problems in 3 years.
One of the things that helped convince me it was a "safe" option was
this white paper on their site:


It explains the technology and how they use it. In addition to the
initial username/pw to logon to the site, then the username/pw
needed to access your particular PC, then you can set an
additional/personal password on the logmein client itself that must
be entered before actually accessing a PC.

I like this service much better than gotomypc. Plus, for me, only
controlling a few friends/family computers the free option was
a lot better. And, another security step i take is to leave the client
disabled, then I ask someone to enable it when I
need to access their PC. So, no random access even if someone got all
the passwords.

As far as the reliability, as someone mentioned before, it's a real
company, if they were found to not be legit then no one would
use the service. I'm sure they want to make money and be successful,
if they were randomly accessing peoples computers
then that would be bad form. I am not concerned at the moment.

It's been my same outlook on using paypal. One day, paypal operators
*could* decide to withdraw money from every account they have access
to, then they'll go into hiding for 100 years or so, but they
want to continue making money and being a successful company so they
(hopefully) won't go randomly withdrawing money from
accounts. (and for their diligence, they were bought by ebay, so i'm
sure the operators/owners made a ton of money anyway!)
Sure there's a risk, there's always a risk, but there is a risk that
you can get in a wreck in your car or on a plane or the bus, it's
hard to be secure from all risk.


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