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Re: any solutions against ddos attack??
From: Jon Kibler <Jon.Kibler () aset com>
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 13:18:52 -0400

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Breno BF wrote:


    I suggest you take a look at syn-cookies solution. Anyway, you did 
not give enough information about what kind of DDOS to we help you.

SYN-cookies only fix one type of DDoS attack: SYN floods. These are in
the real minority these days and would do zero for most of today's DDoS
attacks. Also, they are implemented by default in many/most current *nix
O/Ses (don't know about Windows).

With botnets, protocol-based attacks (like SYN floods) are not as
serious an issue as they were a few years ago. Today, we have to worry
more about bandwidth starvation attacks, for which the only pseudo-cure
is anycast, which leaves TCP-based services still hard to protect.

Jon Kibler
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