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RE: Wireless or wired but not at same time
From: H Palm <palm () ryu se>
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2008 16:01:11 +0200

Hi Daniel, 

** Disclaimer, I work for Cisco... **

you didn't state which equipment you had from Cisco but the Cisco wireless with wireless controllers has a simple guest 
access function built in in the Wireless Control System.


What do you mean with be sufficiantly verbose to have reports of what the people did? 

Otherwise you can use the Cisco NAC Appliance with a NAC Guest Server


Aptilo has quite some deployments, but can be quite costly as far as I've heard.

D-Link used to sell a box that could be used for guest access management if you want to go cheap. Don't know if they 
still sell it... 

Hope this helps. 

Best regards, 


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I have to create  a wireless access in all the conference room (about 20 in different location). We will use cisco 
material to do this. We want give access to either enterprise access or guest access. But there are several questions 

I don't know which product would be interesting to use for managing right for a guest access ? What are you using ? It 
should be used by several non-technical people, be sufficiently granular (access for guest for several hours, half-day) 
and be sufficiently verbose to have reports of what the people did. 

The second question concerns the cohabitation between wired and wireless connection. We don't want (especially my boss) 
that the two connection are active at the same time. When the laptop is connected through wire, it will not be possible 
to connect throught wireless. Has somebody face this problematic ? Is there a client that could control that ? We use 
mainly different Dell laptop, with different wireless cards. 

A big thank you for all the answer and sorry for my bad english. 

                Daniel Borloz.

Edipresse SA
Security & network engineer

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