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RE: remote control program
From: "Joel" <joel () nc rr com>
Date: Sat, 31 May 2008 01:07:41 -0400

How secure is any administrative interface on the web? It's only as good as
the SSL, which has been broken in theory but not in practice that I'm aware.
I bank online because I trust the interface and the encryption, but I guard
my password carefully and (should) change it (more) often. I do the same
with the master account password for logmein. Still, your last comment isn't
true for the product... from the website it's no free lunch if some
malfeasant gains the account credentials. On the website you have to know
the username and password for each computer when you attempt a remote

More conveniently, the Ignition product has an interface that sits on my
laptop and allows me to gain access in 5 to 15 seconds. And the access if
usually as fast or almost as fast as being at the desktop. YMMV based upon
your throughput. I have 7Mbps down and 2Mbps up at my office; that may
influence the speed. However, I have a partner company that uses Ultra-VNC
for remote work to the same location who complains about jitter and delay
when I have no problems with at all. 

Back to security, I trust that my local machine is well-secured and don't
mind the Ignition program caching the credentials for all of the users and
servers. While I'm happy that the website does not cache credentials, it
wouldn't be a security issue I would lose sleep over if it did as long as my
channels are encrypted end-to-end. From what your company site states,
testing the accuracy of the logmein encryption claims might be something you
can investigate independently. If you do and find otherwise, I hope to see
your findings here or on pen-test or bugtraq.

I really do sound like a plant from the company, yes? I'm not.


Joel at SecureNA dot com

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From: Adriel Desautels [mailto:adriel () netragard com] 
Sent: Friday, May 30, 2008 7:03 PM
To: Joel
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Subject: Re: remote control program

So it sounds like a legit tool. What are the security implications of using
this tool? How secure is the administrative interface? RAT tools always
concern me when thinking about security. If a malicious kid gets control of
the administrative credentials or the administration interface its very much
game over. Just a thought.

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Joel wrote:
If you refer to the website and search for review, you'll find that 
the company is legit and has been around quite awhile. They were once 
called remotelyanywhere, and I don't know why the name changed, but 
they are very professional whenever I've called. I've had almost zero 
downtime over the past three years, and I said in my last post, I have 
60 licenses I use every day, and I do mean 365 days a year, for remote
support all over the country.
I don't know about LAS region support. I'd call the company and ask 
them about any routing concerns.

Of a dozen remote tools, this is by far the most advanced tool on the 
market. Drag and drop to the remote screen, sound from the remote 
screen, print to your local printer from the remote, magnify, whiteboard,
chat, etc.
Did I mention inventory and alerts? I'm a walking ad for the company 
because my company is a success since this tool is so well designed. 
I've supported sales reps driving down the highway. Today I used my 
AT&T Tilt (a Windows Mobile phone) to do a remote session while I was 
away from my office. I've copied files for a user while playing golf 
on a weekend. WM6 support is a rare find. For <$40 a year per license, I
couldn't ask for more.


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Sent: Friday, May 30, 2008 4:10 PM
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Subject: Re: remote control program

Thank you all for the answers, I need to implement remote 
administration several branches of my clients and was evaluating the 
tool (Logmein) to implement, at first I thought was spectacular, by 
not having to configure anything on the routers to allow access from the
But I am very concerned about whether the tool is reliable, in other 
words if the company owns the tool is.

Sergio Properzi.
San Luis Argentina.

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