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Re: How does a customer get PCI audited?
From: Adriel Desautels <adriel () netragard com>
Date: Tue, 03 Jun 2008 11:49:29 -0400

I don't have much time right now but I do want to take a quick moment to give you some advice. When your customer is trying to become PCI compliant, make sure that they are tested by a QUALIFIED security company. That means that the deliverable produced by the company MUST be the product of human talent and expertise and NOT the product of any automated scanners or tools. It is very easy to be PCI compliant when you are checked by an automated scanner, but in such cases being compliant means nothing because you're probably still hackable.

If you want to be truly PCI Compliant, get tested by someone who can really run you through the ringer.

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Scott Race wrote:
I have a client (same one from a previous post) who has some pretty
serious security issues on their network (unsecured .mdb file with
credit card into, etc).  I will be fixing the major security holes in
their network, but they still have PCI compliance issues, and I'm
assuming they need to have a quarterly scan done.

They've had this setup for about a year, they knows nothing about PCI
and compliance (myself included, I am not a QSA and still learning about
the compliance procedure).
What are the chances of them getting audited?  How does all that work?
Could they potentially fly under the radar for years?  I thought there
was something they had to report quarterly to show they're working on
compliance, or something.

I want to be able to tell they company "Listen, here's what could happen
if you get audited, and here's the chances of you getting audited" in
hopes they would take it seriously.  I don't want to scare them without
knowing the facts, first I want to know the facts, then I will scare
them.  Thanks.
Scott Race
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