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Re: "Attacks" from lax.qualys.com
From: Liran Cohen <liran () rct co il>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 14:07:01 +0300

I would like to point out an important issue:

Today I got an e-mail from qualys asking me to try and resolve this issue off the list, this is commendable for a company working in such a field to suggest support for a non-paying customer merely to "clear its name" off such claims.

I do not know who sent the original e-mail but if you are reading this, please contact me and I shall forward you to the Qualys representative.

לירן כהן
RCT Internet Solutions

לירן כהן wrote:

Jeremy - by what you're saying I would consider any traffic from such service - a security hazard and do my best to block that subnet\s or perform a back resolve and block those hosts.

I agree with all the rest, indeed assumptions do not exist when talking about security, if you assume=you are not sure=there is a risk=not safe, the equation is simple and the conclusion is take action.




ציטוט Jeremi Gosney:

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No, Qualys is not known for "playing with their tools," and its never safe to assume anything. Anyone with a Qualys account can scan any external IP addr, it doesn't necessarily have to be someone in your corporation. In fact I'd wager that it isn't someone within your corporation. Qualys doesn't do vulnerability assessments per se, they offer vulnerability management SaaS. You simply obtain an account, and they give you access to a web console that hosts vulnerability management tools. Its essentially the same as someone sitting at home with Nessus scanning your external IP space; the only difference is they're paying to scan from someone else's box, and they're paying for a high level of anonymity as Qualys can't actually tell which user is scanning which IP. They don't even have to be paying, in fact, they could be scanning you with their 30-day free trial.

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Subject: "Attacks" from lax.qualys.com

For several days now our IDS has been telling us we're being "attacked" by a host resolving to scanner[number].lax.qualys.com.

Considering the source, is it safe to assume "someone" purchased a vulnerability assessment without informing the Security Department?

Nobody's talking, but it wouldn't be the first time.

Otherwise, is Qualys known for playing with their tools just for the heck of it?

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