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Re: THC Hydra and HTTP brute-force cracking
From: Martin T <m4rtntns () gmail com>
Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2011 05:20:53 +0200

ok, looking forward to Hydra 6.2 :)

yes, looks like the HTTP server running on the router does not support
HEAD request as I get "Connection closed by foreign host" right away
if I telnet to httpd port on the router and make a HEAD request. Most
likely it would be smart to check the support of HEAD requests of the
HTTP server before attacking it.. However, thanks for clarifying
differences between the HTTP HEAD and GET requests.


2011/4/1 Jérôme Nokin <jerome () wallaby be>:
Hi Martin,

You are maybe misunderstanding something. Just to be sure..

Even if the credential information will be added into the "header" of
the HTTP request, it is not related to the use of http-head or http-get

In HTTP protocol, "HEAD" is a method like "GET", "POST", "PUT", ...
HEAD is like GET, but without providing the body of the answer (thus,
using http-head should be more fast than http-get).

Try "telnet www.google.com 80" , then "GET / HTTP/1.0" + return + return

Now try the same telnet but with HEAD method "HEAD / HTTP/1.0" + return
You will see the difference.

Regarding your device, maybe it don't support HEAD method (?).
Actually I've never used http-head.

Good luck,

When should one use http-head? In addition, I have read many people
complaining(mainly in backtrack-linux.org/forums) about "-t" feature
in hydra as it runs by default 16 parallel tasks simultaneously and
may skip passwords in password file.. Jérôme mentiod this as well. Is
there a fix for this or is it a hydra bug at all?


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