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Re: RPC protocol problem?
From: jsz () ramon bgu ac il (jsz)
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 94 3:46:00 IDT

"In the previous message, Doug Davis said..."

The real question is one of; how to beat vendors into fixing the
problems reported by it.. (grumble grumble)...

Or failing that, has anybody devised a way to:

A: use LD_PRELOAD to replace the random() (or srandom()) or whatever function
fsirand calls with one that ignores the passed init seed, and produces its
own, to make it work right...?
B: Make available sources for a replacement fsirand that will work on SunOS
and other affected OS's that one can build and run.

There has been a patch for it, for over 2 years.

1063470 Non-random file handles can be guessed, leading to security hole.
NFS jumbo patch fixes it.

C: I resorted to letting the PIDs get way up there, say over 10,000 then
kicked the system down to single-user, did a umount -a, and ran it on all
the filesystems (except /, and /usr, of course).  Making sure it wasn't
shut down and rebooted, the PIDs just continue from what they were when
it was up in multi-user.

So, all I get in nfsbug output is the UID bug (which goes away if I don't
export as root, but sometimes that is needed).  I wonder if anybody
has put together the affected module from non-restricted sources,
so people can fix it?  I know that Suns NFS jumbo patch doesn't
affect the UID bug, as it is still there.  I have no idea if it
fixes the fsirand prolbem or not...

Yes, it does fix the fsirand problem. UID bug? you mean the uid_t bug,
uid/gid values are supposed to be 32 bits wide, while SunOS's uid_t is
16, it affects all OS's that have uid_t == 16 bits, eg IRIX, etc have
this problem too, there is a patch for it, as well.

        NFS server in which a client presenting a 32-bit uid in which 
        the 16 low-order bits are 0 gets interpreted as root on the server.

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