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Re: Wall and talkd pass binary data
From: aem () symbiosis ahp com (a.e.mossberg)
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 1994 12:26:29 -0500 (EDT)

I wrote: 
This is a problem which has existed at least a decade and is well known.  If
you check comp.risks about 1984 or 1985 you'll see an article by me about it,
and I was hardly the first.  We demonstrated it via "write", or just echo'ing
directly to the port, to put it in block mode, clear the screen, send the
command we wanted executed, and then send the code to tell the terminal to send
the contents of the screen.

From the desk of Christopher Klaus:
Will this work with vt100 terminals?  

Well, then you get into a argument.  What do you mean by "vt100"?  Apparently,
a real, live, standard DEC VT100 terminal did not support the block mode
sequence I talked about in my article, but one version of the DEC VT100 did,
and pretty much every VT100 clone did as well, and the real DEC VT102 I had
also supported it.  Using block mode is not the only to get the terminal to
send something, of course.


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