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Re: Replacement for NIS? (was Re: Obtaining NIS domainname from Gatorbox)
From: mouse () Collatz McRCIM McGill EDU (der Mouse)
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 1995 07:34:11 -0400

Is there a "better" NIS [...]
I'd be interested in hearing about any such.
OSF DCE might do a lot of what is wanted.

Perhaps.  Where can I find it?

I have the feeling that things might be about to take off on the DCE
scene.  With IBM, HP and Digital backing OSF, it most certainly have
the potential.

This is a disrecommendation IMO.  I'm looking for something with
technical merit, which in my experience usually correlates negatively
with lots of corporate backing, especially lots of corporate backing
before adoption by the community.

The RFC that is out on DCE 1.2

What number?  I didn't find "DCE" in the RFC index, and you don't
expand the acronym so I can't search for the expansion....

[T]he security services in DCE is based on Kerberos 5 and more or
less all additional services does Kerberos 5 authentication.

Non-exportable?  Sigh.

                                        der Mouse

                            mouse () collatz mcrcim mcgill edu

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