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Re: Pointer to a process's credential structure?
From: jco () bbn com (John C. Orthoefer)
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 1995 12:09:20 -0400

[fixing the fc-4.1.3 script to work with solaris 2.x]

It's not hard.  I don't have the solaris 2.x script on-line at the
moment.  But this is all that needs to be done to fix fc-4.1.3.

        o change pstat to a ps command.  In the 4.1.3 script pstat is
          used to get the address of proc structure.  ps can be used
          under solaris 2.x.
        o offset to the cred structure is differenet.  Under 4.1.3
          the offset is 0x4c, under 2.3 the offset is 0x24.
        o the size of the uids under 4.1.3 is 2 bytes, under 2.3 it's
          4 bytes.
        o the cred structure is diffrently laied out.  But if you just
          zero the cred it works.

I could fix up the fc-4.1.3 (make fc-2.3.)  I may when I have time
this week, unless someone else does it first.


John Orthoefer   | Take this out and a Unix Demon will dog your steps from 
<jco () bbn com>    | now until the time_t's wrap around.
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