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Re: sniffers
From: jmb () kryten Atinc COM (Jonathan M. Bresler)
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 1995 12:41:48 -0400 (EDT)

On Sun, 30 Apr 1995, Asriel DeCatte wrote:

First of all, pick up lsof and cpm... 
ftp://ftp.cert.org/pub/tools/lsof/lsof_3.02.tar.gz and
ftp://ftp.cert.org/pub/tools/cpm/cpm.1.0.tar, respectively.

        good tools.  everything that asriel has written is fine.  by all 
means check out each machine thta you have on your net in detail.  
(tripwire helps do this in an automanted fashion, as available from cert, 
coast and crew).

        sniffer logs files cna grow very quickly, watch you disk usage.

        but you just about cant find a sniffer on your net.  a laptop 
makes a great sniffer.  ethernet in the ceiling?  good.  laptop goes in 
the ceiling space above the tiles and is retrieved a few days later.  the 
men's/women's room ceilings might be particulary good places.  you can 
often get a couple minutes of privacy there.  aint no one going to yell 
if you leave a facility without a computer ;)


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