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Re: Linux/SATAN
From: wilmesj () rpi edu (Josh Wilmes)
Date: Fri, 07 Apr 1995 10:11:50 +22295807

On Wed, 5 Apr 1995, Adam Machanic wrote:

  I've been trying to compile Satan on my Linux box here, but I'm not having
too much success.. Any help would be appreciated.. I'm getting an error
from rex.c.

                    Adam Machanic
                            -- amachani () gwhs denver k12 co us

Here's a set of patches by someone here at RPI.. I have not tested them, and 
make no guarantees, but apparently, they work..

From rpi!marcus.its.rpi.edu!lohnen Fri Apr  7 10:09:51 1995
Path: rpi!marcus.its.rpi.edu!lohnen
From: lohnen () marcus its rpi edu (Nils Lohner)
Newsgroups: rpi.os.linux,rpi.talk.linux
Subject: SATAN: Linux Port/Hack
Date: 5 Apr 1995 17:45:31 GMT
Organization: its
Lines: 210
Message-ID: <3lukvr$aks () usenet rpi edu>
NNTP-Posting-Host: marcus.its.rpi.edu
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Xref: rpi rpi.os.linux:272 rpi.talk.linux:68

Linux port for SATAN
by Nils Lohner
lohnen () rpi edu

  This is less of a port and more of a quick hack to make it compile properly.
I am not guaranteeing anything except that it compiles on my linux box.  I
am corrently running verion 1.2.0 of th kernel.

  It did successfully scan etc. and find vulnerabilities, so I am assuming
that these fixes do make it work successfully.


- delete the first 6 lines from ./reconfig
        - REASON: sh doesn't like them

- run reconfig by typing
'perl reconfig'

SATAN will now cofigure itself if you have perl5 or higher installed

- make a new header file 

- include this header file in the following three files:
#include "../../include/netinet/ip_icmp_lin.h"


NOTE: do NOT comment out the existing include line!!  Here, the existing
      header file is being supplemented and not replaced!

  This header file does several things:
        - it defines ICMP_MINLEN
        - it fixes a few ICMP name incompatibilities
        - it makes the proper 'struct ip' as needed by SATAN
                - note: check the endianness in the file if it it not
                        little endian!!!
        - it makes the proper 'struct icmp' as needed by SATAN

- make a new header file 

- include this header file in the following file:
#include "../../include/netinet/udp_lin.h"


NOTE: IN this case _DO_ comment out the current line, or you will get 
      udphdr redefined.  In this case the header file is being replaced,
      and not supplemented as before.
        #include <netinet/udp.h> 

- now do a 'make linux' from the satan-1.0 directory.
- it will bomb out in the src/misc directory
- go to the src/misc directory and simply type 'make'
- now it will make
- go back up to the satan-1.0 dir and do a 'make linux' again

- it will bomb out in the src/nfs-chk directory
- go to the src/nfs-chk directory and simply type 'make'
- now it will make
- go back up to the satan-1.0 dir and do a 'make linux' again

  It will finish compiling.

set dont_use_nslookup=1 if it asks you to set dont-use_dns.

Now go ahead and scan!  Please use this tool reasonably...

                          Nils Lohner
                          lohnen () rpi edu

--- cut here for file include/netinet/ip_icmp_lin.h --------------------------
/*  this value was taken from ip_icmp.h fom an RS-6000 */
#define ICMP_MINLEN           8

/* all of these exist, just under a different name */


/* this structure was taken from an RS-6000 */
/* ip_v and ip_hl are defined elsewhere as well, but necessary here */
struct ip {
        unsigned        ip_hl:4,                /* header length */
                ip_v:4;                 /* version */

/*#if __BYTE_ORDER == __BIG_ENDIAN*/
/*        unsigned        ip_v:4, */              /* version */
/*                ip_hl:4; */             /* header length */

        u_char  ip_tos;                 /* type of service */
        u_short ip_len;                 /* total length */
        u_short ip_id;                  /* identification */
        u_short ip_off;                 /* fragment offset field */
#define IP_DF 0x4000                    /* dont fragment flag */
#define IP_MF 0x2000                    /* more fragments flag */
        u_char  ip_ttl;                 /* time to live */
        u_char  ip_p;                   /* protocol */
        u_short ip_sum;                 /* checksum */
        struct  in_addr ip_src,ip_dst;  /* source and dest address */

/* this structure was taken from an RS-6000 */

 * Structure of an icmp header.
struct icmp {
        u_char  icmp_type;              /* type of message, see below */
        u_char  icmp_code;              /* type sub code */
        u_short icmp_cksum;             /* ones complement cksum of struct */
        union {
                u_char ih_pptr;                 /* ICMP_PARAMPROB */
                struct in_addr ih_gwaddr;       /* ICMP_REDIRECT */
                struct ih_idseq {
                        n_short icd_id;
                        n_short icd_seq;
                } ih_idseq;
                int ih_void;
        } icmp_hun;
#define icmp_pptr       icmp_hun.ih_pptr
#define icmp_gwaddr     icmp_hun.ih_gwaddr
#define icmp_id         icmp_hun.ih_idseq.icd_id
#define icmp_seq        icmp_hun.ih_idseq.icd_seq
#define icmp_void       icmp_hun.ih_void
        union {
                struct id_ts {
                        n_time its_otime;
                        n_time its_rtime;
                        n_time its_ttime;
                } id_ts;
                struct id_ip  {
                        struct ip idi_ip;
                        /* options and then 64 bits of data */
                } id_ip;
                u_long  id_mask;
                char    id_data[1];
        } icmp_dun;
#define icmp_otime      icmp_dun.id_ts.its_otime
#define icmp_rtime      icmp_dun.id_ts.its_rtime
#define icmp_ttime      icmp_dun.id_ts.its_ttime
#define icmp_ip         icmp_dun.id_ip.idi_ip
#define icmp_mask       icmp_dun.id_mask
#define icmp_data       icmp_dun.id_data
--- end cut here for file include/netinet/ip_icmp_lin.h ----------------------

--- cut here for file include/netinet/udp.h ----------------------------------
 * INET         An implementation of the TCP/IP protocol suite for the LINUX
 *              operating system.  INET is implemented using the  BSD Socket
 *              interface as the means of communication with the user level.
 *              Definitions for the UDP protocol.
 * Version:     @(#)udp.h       1.0.2   04/28/93
 * Author:      Fred N. van Kempen, <waltje () uWalt NL Mugnet ORG>
 *              This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 *              modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 *              as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version
 *              2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
#ifndef _LINUX_UDP_H
#define _LINUX_UDP_H

struct udphdr {
  unsigned short        source;
  unsigned short        dest;
  unsigned short        len;
  unsigned short        check;

/* these are also taken from an RS-6000 */
struct udphdr {
        unsigned short uh_sport;               /* source port */
        unsigned short uh_dport;               /* destination port */
        unsigned short uh_ulen;                /* udp length */
        unsigned short uh_sum;                 /* udp checksum */

#endif  /* _LINUX_UDP_H */
--- end cut here for file include/netinet/udp.h ------------------------------

- Nils Lohner   internet: lohnen () rpi edu   Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 

                Josh Wilmes (wilmesj () rpi edu)
"Things are more like they are now than they ever were before."
     - Dwight D. Eisenhower

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