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Re: Problem with SATAN/VMS
From: newsham () aloha net (Timothy Newsham)
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 1995 15:49:44 -1000 (HST)

SATAN on AIX has a similar problem.
AIX emits a permission denied that the simple test (test -s) doesn't catch

The bourne shell script 'rsh.satan' falsely reports a vulnerability on 
hosts that are running DEC VMS 6.1  This is because the OS sends the 
following message to standard output:

    UCX$RSHD - Permission denied - host IP addr

To fix, just add a test for the above string to the 'if $TEST -s 
"$tmp_file"' test in 'rsh.satan'.

The correct way to test for success or failure is obvious from the
following (from the rshd man page):

     Except for the last one listed below, all diagnostic messages are re-
     turned on the initial socket, after which any network connections are
     closed.  An error is indicated by a leading byte with a value of 1 (0 is
     returned in step 9 above upon successful completion of all the steps pri-
     or to the execution of the login shell).

If an rshd does not do this I'd be inclined to call it broken.

Andreas Siegert       afx () ibm de / afx () barolo ak munich ibm com / AFX at IPNET

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