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From: neil () legless demon co uk (Neil Woods)
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 1995 10:26:35 +0100

| Just to be helpful, the way to do it more safely, without massive
| need for checking is to build a complete mail message, including
| header, and hand that to "sendmail -t" which then reads the recipient
| information out of the constructed header.  [Sendmail should of course
| be an invocation of smail or pp, not the BSD program of that name,
| given the history of problems that has had]

I suspect this still wont take care of emails to pipes or files,
i.e  <|/bin/sh> or </.rhosts>, it is a legitimate, albeit unexpected,
mail-command going to sendmail. So unless these two mode are totally
stripped out of the sendmail, there will exist a vulnerability there,
wont it?

No current version of sendmail (v8.*, any vendor supplied version) will
allow mailing directly to programs or files.  In order to deliver mail to
a program or file, it must be indirect (ie. alias expansion, or from a
users .forward file).


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