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Error in the Lorenz-Fitzgerald assumption.
From: padgett () tccslr dnet mmc com (A. Padgett Peterson, P.E. Information Security)
Date: Wed, 10 May 95 20:23:53 -0400

       From: fc () all net (Dr. Frederick B. Cohen)
       But according to current physics, there is a finite amount of total
       energy in the Universe, and thus it is impossible to get the infinite
       energy required to do this - again, impossible, not infeasible.

Hovever if you will examine my paper of 1957 which was reprinted in an 
abbreviated version in the "Mensa Bulletin" c.a. 1979, you will find that
the L-Z equation is actually the result of an integral taken to the limit
and that the mass goes to infinity only if the light (and gravitational)
vector and speed are held for an infinite duration.

The actual equation, which is really very simple for lightspeed though
it gets somewhat more complicated about but not at C.

Basically, at exactly lightspeed, the normal mass equation (rho)lwd where
d is aligned along the vector of travel becomes (rho)lwt where t is the 
duration exactly on the vector and at C. Further, this exists only for points
directly in the path of the object.

The result is that for any object in the path of such a projectile will
experience an energy flux at the moment of arrival of the kinetic energy
of the object (not inconsiderable at lightspeed) plus the gravitational effect
of an item of the mass given above as a function of the distance at each
point in time (would be an integral but would have specific limits).

The kinetic energy would have to be placed on the item, the flux would be free.

Thus to achieve an effect of infinite mass, t would have to close on infinity
but the flux duration would still only be d/C.

So should Ignatz throw a brick of dimensions 2"x4"x6" from the moon at 
lightspeed, the effect on the proximity of KKs head on the earth would be 
the same as a mass closing on 1/4 (rho - say 1 lb/cu inch)*2*4*250,000*5280*12
suddenly appearing and existing for a duration of 6"/(186000mps*5280*12) 
seconds or about the same as a mass of 30,000,000,000 lbs for a duration of 
about a half a nanosecond. (Plus the Ke of course and the plasma effect of any 
surface area of that size and speed through air so probably sustainable
only in a vaccuum). Significant, yes. Devastating on objects, probably, but 
hardly infinite.

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