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From: pwh () bradley bradley edu (Pete Hartman)
Date: Thu, 18 May 95 00:55:37 -0500

I just got (and saw posted to comp.security.unix) the latest of the 
seemingly infinite number of Sun Sendmail Bugreports from 8lgm.

THIS time, it also includes IDA version 5.*, which 1) we have and 
2) I don't understand very well (I understand V8 well enough to replace 
"standard" sendmails with it, but I don't understand IDA/V8 well 
enough to replace IDA's very complex setup on our hub--done by another
person who is no longer handling sendmail and is soon to leave the 
university completely--with an equivalent V8 setup).

So does anyone know exactly what the problem is?  The 8lgm report is
(sadly) too vague to be of much use.  Could I maybe patch IDA so I don't
have to worry about the port to V8 right now (I was going to get around to
it, but haven't had and don't have the time....)?  If not, does anyone
know where I might find scripts to convert IDA databases into a format
compatable with V8?  That's the really major stumbling block keeping me
from going straight to V8 right now.

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