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Re: Solaris 2.x utmp hole
From: mouse () Collatz McRCIM McGill EDU (der Mouse)
Date: Fri, 19 May 1995 08:00:34 -0400

Anyone care to translate?

I asked someone who knows some Italian (anne () alcor concordia ca), who
normally reads bugtraq but has rather fallen behind with the recent
volume.  The message I got back:

Good heavens!  It has zilch to do with bugtraq...  Here is a very
rough word-for-word translation.

E' mio dovere chiarire l'equivoco che forse si sta creando nelle vostre menti:
It is my duty to clarify the ambiguity which perhaps has created itself
in your minds:

ho sentito personalmente il Cardinale questa mattina, e mi ha confessato che
I personally heard the Cardinal this morning, and he confessed to me that

non si tratta di un calcoletto renale (versione ufficiale), bensi' di una 
the matter is not a kidney stone (official version), but a

nocciolina che, ingerita nel corso di abbondanti libagioni, e' stata trascinata
[small nut?] which, ingested during the course of abundant [libations?],
was [??]

dal marasma cloacale dei visceri sinistrati dall'alcool, e si e' andata quindi
from the cloacal [??] of the viscera injured by alcohol, and travelled
from there

ad incastrare in un rene, da cui e' poi discesa nella piu' spaziosa vescica.
to lodge itself in a kidney, from whence it subsequently descended into
the more spacious bladder.

Fortuna ha voluto che non si dirigesse verso il fegato, gia' duramente provato,
Fate has decreed that it did not direct itself toward the [???], already
sorely used,

che sarebbe certamente esploso a questo nuovo, terribile insulto.
which could certainly have [exploded?] at this new and terrible insult.

Il Cardinale spera il un rapido rilascio (in tutti i sensi), sempre che non
The Cardinal hopes for a rapid [release?] (in all of its meanings), [so
that?] he not 

venga trasferito d'ufficio a psichiatria, reparto alcolisti.
come to be transferred from [??] to psychiatry, [section for?]

Preghiamo per lui
Let us pray for him.

                                        der Mouse

                            mouse () collatz mcrcim mcgill edu

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