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Another translation
From: patrick () oes amdahl com (Patrick Horgan)
Date: Fri, 19 May 1995 14:55:16 +0800

A slightly better translation.

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It came off of a bugtraq mailing list, but from the words I understand it
doesn't seem to have anything to do with security or bugs.  If you could
do a line by line translation and mail it back to me that would be great!

true, it is rather fascinating, but has aboslutely nothing to do with
security or bugs. I rather think (or hope) that it should be classified
under "humor"...

Here is the translation:

E' mio dovere chiarire l'equivoco che forse si sta creando nelle vostre menti:
It is my duty to clarify the misunderstanding that probably is being created
in your minds:

ho sentito personalmente il Cardinale questa mattina, e mi ha confessato che
I have personally heard from the Cardinal this morning, and he confessed me

non si tratta di un calcoletto renale (versione ufficiale), bensi' di una 
that it is not a small kidney stone (official version) but 

nocciolina che, ingerita nel corso di abbondanti libagioni, e' stata trascinata
a little nut that, ingested during abundant libations, was pushed

dal marasma cloacale dei visceri sinistrati dall'alcool, e si e' andata quindi
by the cloacal marasmus of the viscera damaged by the alcohol, and went then

ad incastrare in un rene, da cui e' poi discesa nella piu' spaziosa vescica.
to lodge into a kidney, from where it descended into the larger vescica.

Fortuna ha voluto che non si dirigesse verso il fegato, gia' duramente provato,
Luck was that it did not direct itsef to the liver, already harshly tried,

che sarebbe certamente esploso a questo nuovo, terribile insulto.
as it  would surely have exploded under this new, terrible insult.

Il Cardinale spera il un rapido rilascio (in tutti i sensi), sempre che non
The Cardinal hopes in a quick release (in all meanings), hoping not to be

venga trasferito d'ufficio a psichiatria, reparto alcolisti.
officially trasferred, in the meanwhile, to the psychiatric ward, section
for alcoholism.

Preghiamo per lui
Let us pray for him.

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