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Re: Muffett's AuotHack
From: tfs () vampire science gmu edu (Tim Scanlon)
Date: Tue, 23 May 95 03:07:15 -0400

matt () uts EDU AU wrote:

|some people may find it amusing to realise that suburbia.apana.org.au
|no longer has a DNS entry, and its IP address is no longer receiving
|packets.. is this related to the above? work it out for yourself...

Either someone has their info-highway jackboots on, or they're
being childish idiots. Or both.

In any case, if someone has this silly paper, I'd like to get
it so that I can distribute the hell out of the freaking
thing. I don't much like reading crap like this, it reminds
me a bit too much of reading about how my security-minded
government ordered pem & pgp hooks taken out of httpd...
(amazing how they can be just patched right back in. Too
bad there's not a patch one can apply to give people a clue)

If some kind soul out there has it and would mail it to me
or otherwise arrange a confidential copy, I'd really appreciate

Tim Scanlon

tfs () vampire science gmu edu (NeXTmail, MIME)  Tim Scanlon
George Mason University     (PGP key avail.)  Public Affairs
I speak for myself, but often claim demonic possession

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