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HP-UX security
From: ch11mh () surrey ac uk (Mr Martin J Hargreaves)
Date: Fri, 5 May 1995 13:50:05 +0100 (BST)

        here's HP's list of recent vulnerabilities, the address of their 
mailserver is on the mail, they are also on 
http://support.mayfield.hp.com/ for more info. 


| Martin Hargreaves,                        ch11mh () surrey ac uk|
| Undergraduate Computational Chemist                          |
| WWW Server Admin                 http://www.chem.surrey.ac.uk|

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From support () us external hp com
Date: Wed, 3 May 1995 16:34:25 -0700
From: HPSL Mail Service <support () us external hp com>
Reply to: support-feedback () us external hp com
To: security_info_1 () us external hp com
Subject: RE: Security Bulletins Digest


To obtain a copy of the HP SupportLine mail service user's guide, send the
following (in the TEXT PORTION OF THE MESSAGE to) to the HP SupportLine mail

To: support () support mayfield hp com

Message Text:

 send guide.txt

Summary of 'Daily Security Bulletins Digest' documents
Document Id    Description                                              Page 1
HPSBUX9504-027 Security Vulnerability in HP VUE 3.0
HPSBUX9504-026 Preparing Your HP-UX System for SATAN
HPSBUX9503-025 Sendmail permits unauthorized remote program execution.
HPSBMP9503-003 Security Vulnerability (HPSBMP9503-003) in MPE/iX releases
HPSBMP9503-002 Security Vulnerability (HPSBMP9503-002) in MPE/iX releases
HPSBMP9503-001 Security Vulnerability (HPSBMP9503-001) in MPE/iX releases
HPSBUX9502-024 /usr/lib/sendmail has two security vulnerabilities
HPSBUX9502-023 Security vulnerability in `at' & `cron'
HPSBUX9502-022 Security Vulnerability involving malicious users
HPSBUX9502-021 No current vulnerability in /bin/mail (or /bin/rmail)
HPSBUX9501-020 Security Vulnerability in HP Remote Watch
HPSBUX9411-019 Security Vulnerability in HP SupportWatch
HPSBUX9410-018 Security Vulnerability in xwcreate/gwind
HPSBUX9409-017 Security Vulnerability in CORE-DIAG fileset
HPSBUX9408-000 Sum and MD5 sums of HP-UX Security Bulletins
HPSBUX9408-016 Patch sums and the MD5 program
HPSBUX9407-015 Xauthority problem
HPSBUX9406-014 Patch file permissions vulnerability
HPSBUX9406-013 vhe_u_mnt allows unauthorized root access
HPSBUX9405-011 Security Vulnerability in HP GlancePlus
HPSBUX9405-009 PROBLEM:  Incomplete implementation of OSF/AES standard
HPSBUX9405-010 ftpd: SITE CHMOD / race condition vulnerability
HPSBUX9405-012 Security vulnerability in Multimedia Sharedprint
HPSBUX9404-007 HP-UX does not have ftpd SITE EXEC vulnerability
Document Id    Description                                              Page 2
HPSBUX9404-008 Security Vulnerability in Vue 3.0
HPSBUX9402-006 Security Vulnerability in DCE/9000
HPSBUX9402-005 Security Vulnerability in Hpterm
HPSBUX9402-004 Promiscuous mode network interfaces
HPSBUX9402-003 Security Vulnerability in Subnetconfig
HPSBUX9312-002 Security Vulnerability in Xterm
HPSBUX9311-001 Security Vulnerability in Sendmail
Detailed list of 'Daily Security Bulletins Digest' documents

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