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beta testing patched libc.so.1.9
From: Doug.Hughes () Eng Auburn EDU (Doug Hughes)
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 1995 10:52:26 -0500

I've patched our libc.so.1.9 to fix the syslog hole on SunOS4.1.X systems.
I consider it in beta right now, as it relies on shlib.etc being up to
date, which I'm not confident about for several reasons.

DISCLAIMER: No warranty either express or implied is given with the following.
You accept all risks for any modifications you make to your system. This is
for informative purposes only. (Had to do it :( )

What I used:

syslog.c from 4.4BSDLite CDROM - with mods
  (apply Charles Hannum or Perry Metzger patches - port OS differences)
snprintf.c (includes vsnprintf) from Patrick Powell - PLP author
patch 101759-03 from sun with shlib.etc

To Build:
cc -c -pic syslog.c (will not compile without mods)
cc -c -pic -DHAVE_VARARGS_H -DHAVE_STDARG_H snprintf.c

follow instructions in README in /usr/lib/shlib.etc
additionally rm tmp/wb* tmp/wc* and cp object files from snprintf.o and
syslog.o to tmp directory. Now do your make and continue instructions in

(wbcstombs.o wctomb.o mblib.o mbstowcs.o mbtowc.o have unresolved symbols
which causes compiling new programs to fail - not sure what they are for
hence beta status)

% ftp ftp.eng.auburn.edu
ftp> cd pub/doug
ftp> lcd /tmp
ftp> get libc.so.1.9 libc.so.1.9.1
ftp> exit
% su root
# cd /usr/lib
# cp libc.so.1.9 libc.so.1.9.FCS
# mv /tmp/libc.so.1.9.1 libc.so.1.9
# date (If date returns anything but correct date, mv libc.so.1.9.FCS libc.so.1.9)
# exit
- done -

I've also copied snprintf.c, snprintf.h and syslog.c to the same ftp
directory for those who want to examine the code and do it yourself.

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