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denial of service - inetd on solaris 2.4?
From: jb.sg () fp cibc com (Justin Beech)
Date: Fri, 24 May 1996 09:56:48 +0800

I discovered on our solaris 2.4 boxes, that if you telnet to
the discard port, then quit telnet (using control-right-bracket
and quit), you leave a single inetd running in an infinite
read loop. Do this twice, and you get two inetds running...

obviously you can quickly bog the machine down to a standstill..
This doesnt happen on solaris 2.5, so I guess it is some
inetd bug thats been fixed? anyone know a 2.4 patch for this?

Also: what I havent seen mentioned yet, the denial of service
attack is not just to bring down a box.. if one is employed on
Host A, which is trusted by Host B, then this allows
the network clear for the bad guy to impersonate Host A, (the
real Host A being effectively muzzled), thus get into
Host B.
If I remember correctly, this was one of Mitnicks tricks
against Shimomuras collection of machines.
Justin () fp cibc com

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