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Re: BUG in /bin/bash
From: proff () suburbia net (Julian Assange)
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 1996 10:23:26 +1000

  That reminds me of a similar "little-known feature" on SunOS and
Solaris, where /bin/sh interprets '^' as a synonym for '|' :

$ sh -c 'echo blah ^ cat'

This archaic compatibility feature is not only of SunOS/Solaris but also
of Ultrix4.3A (both sh and sh5) and HP-UX 9.05.  Ksh, pdksh and /bin/posix/sh
do not support this.

 Y.Adamopoulos () noc ntua gr

And can amusingly enough be used to circumvent the all.net telnet wrapper.

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