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Re: SecurID White Paper - A Comment
From: mudge () l0pht com (What we're dealing with here is a blatant disrespect of the law!)
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 1996 12:33:18 -0400

Appologies to all for this non-charterish posting but there were
mis-informational errors in Vin's post that I want to fix.

On Fri, 13 Sep 1996, Vin McLellan wrote:
        PeiterZ also expressed umbrage that I had referred to his
associates as "elite hackers."  I willingly apologize to PeiterZ, *Hobbit,
Adam Shostack, and the associates of LHT Industries: Brian Oblivion, Space
Rogue, Tweety Fish, Kingpin, Tan, Tom Icom, Veggie, Alice, Weld Pond, Dr.
Who, Jerry Omaha, Big Brother, Hotrod, Silicosis, Cybernetik, and Mudge
(whom Peiter thanks for their  invaluable assistance in his Paper.)  Is
this sensitivity a generational thing? I still use the term hacker with
respect.  I don't know anything about PeiterZ, nor most of the colorful
folk listed as "the boyz and girlz of LOpht Heavy Industries,"  -- but it
was an honest mistake, the LOpht web site positively wallows in its
Underground status. (The curious might check out <http://10pht.com>;-)  I
also doubt that *Hobbit, Adam, or Mudge would mind the label... nor let it
get in the way of their very considerable talents.

1 - Who the hell is LHT Industries?
    Brian Oblivion, Weld Pond, Tan, King Kingpin, Space Rogue,
    Stefan (whom you didn't mention), and I are the 7 members of l0pht. I
    do know the names of the other people you mention as they all have
    accounts on the l0pht machine - that's about it.

2 - We were not thanked or mentioned in the white paper you refer to.
    The only one that you list that I saw thanked in the paper was
    Hobbit. [yes we are a bit chagrined as it's obvious that some of
    our ideas were in the paper]

3 - We, the l0pht, have no affiliation with SNI (those are the people
    who put out the paper). Asa matter of fact we have no affiliation
    whith any company that has money. Sad but true - we foot everything
    out of our own pockets and little doo-dads that we manage to sell
    to defray our costs. Simply because we love hacking (in the old sense

4 - our URL is http://l0pht.com (or www.l0pht.com) -- NOT 10pht.com.
    (that's little L number zero - not the numeral ten).

5 - No - I don't mind the handle 'hacker'. But I probably will mind
    the phone call from another company bitching about being associated
    with our name when You and Security Dynamics should be getting the
    call instead. (Don't ask me why people are ass backwards)

We don't want to be associated with other companies probably as much
as they don't want to be associated with us <grin>.

I hope you do better research on sefcurID discussions normally than you
did on this last post <wink>.


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