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Re: SecurID White Paper - A Comment
From: vin () shore net (Vin McLellan)
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 1996 14:27:14 -0400

        mudge, quite disrespectfully, wrote:

1 - Who the hell is LHT Industries?
   Brian Oblivion, Weld Pond, Tan, King Kingpin, Space Rogue,
   Stefan (whom you didn't mention), and I are the 7 members of l0pht. I
   do know the names of the other people you mention as they all have
   accounts on the l0pht machine - that's about it.

        Mea culpa.  Fast fingers; late night; tired mind.  I meant to write
"LHI Technologies."  I read the reference to "LHI Technologies" -- in the
copyright notice at the bottom of each page of the <http://L0pht.com>
website -- as an alternative designation for "L0pht Heavy Industries." The
names I listed are described as the "inhabitants" of  L0pht Heavy
"Part workshop, part playhouse. Rave center for the socially disinclined.
Last vestige of the smart sleepless. A place for extra storage. The L0pht,
man. It's got it all. "

2 - We were not thanked or mentioned in the white paper you refer to.
   The only one that you list that I saw thanked in the paper was
   Hobbit. [yes we are a bit chagrined as it's obvious that some of
   our ideas were in the paper]

        In the Postscript text I picked up, PeiterZ's first credit is a
statement of gratitude to "LHI Technologies," who were said to have been
"invaluable in their analysis of the hardware token cards."  My apologies
all around if that was not a reference to mudge and his collegues at the
L0pht -- but it sure sounded like PeiterZ of SNI was giving credit where I
knew credit was due.  (That's why I didn't understand Peiter's outrage when
I credited the key ideas in his White Paper to various "elite hackers."
I'd already heard them from mudge and others.)

       3 - We, the l0pht, have no affiliation with SNI (those are the people
   who put out the paper). Asa matter of fact we have no affiliation
   whith any company that has money. Sad but true - we foot everything
   out of our own pockets and little doo-dads that we manage to sell
   to defray our costs. Simply because we love hacking (in the old sense

        A little bewildered,

         Vin McLellan +The Privacy Guild+ <vin () shore net>
      53 Nichols St., Chelsea, Ma. 02150 USA Tel: (617) 884-5548

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