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Re: Vulnerability in HP sysdiag??? and securetty
From: Todd_Beebe () exchng1 gallup com (Beebe, Todd)
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 21:53:34 -0500

Funny thing..

I just duplicated the sysdiag bug shown below..  The system I tried
it on is running hpux 10.10, why would HP fix a security bug in 1994
in hpux 9.04, then release it years later in a new release?

Although, the system would not let me log in immediately since roots
.rhosts file was owned by the non-root user(me) who created it with
sysdiag, but since I was the owner of the file I could chown root
.rhosts then the system graciously let me rlogin as root without that
annoying password.

On a side note, if there are any SysAdmins out there using the
/etc/securetty file as a means to disallow direct root login, don't. It
has a "bug" that HP support never gave me a answer for.  If you
use xterm to login to your server it doesn't use the /etc/securetty file
so the tty is not secure, you can get a direct login as root without
any changes to the system.  I thought somewhere within C2 specifications
it talked about disallowing direct root login....

From:  security-alert () hp com[SMTP:security-alert () hp com]
Sent:  Wednesday, September 25, 1996 6:18 PM
To:    Multiple recipients of list BUGTRAQ
Subject:       Vulnerability in HP sysdiag???

To whom it may concern:

 Recent bugtraq discussions under the subject: "Vunerability in HP
discuss exploitations using the system diagnostics.
 The Hewlett-Packard Co. Security Bulletin #11 dated 12-02-94 concerning
Security Vulnerability in CORE-DIAG fileset references a patch for HP-UX
release 9.04 (PHSS_4749) that has now been superceeded by PHSS_6300.  It also
has a dependency on patch PHKL_6100.  When properly installed both patches
(6300 & 6100) together will circumvent the behavior described.

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