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Re: NT security et al (Dangers of NetBIOS/NBT?)
From: jacob () esisys com (Jacob Langseth)
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 16:18:31 -0400

o       Windows 3.11 has share bugs microsoft will never apparently fix,
       whereby any share allows the whole disk to be accessed by using
       a ../../.. type construct and the smbfs client code.

Well, there is actually a fix available for Windows 3.11.  Take a look at

While we're on the subject of NT network pet peeves (aka NetBios gotchas),
here's some more:
    ppl can view full process lists from remote (via pview's connect feature)
        (pview.exe is included w/ MSVC++).
    ppl can read portions of the registry remotely (via regedt32.exe).
        This can be REALLY BAD for NT workstations configured to use
        auto-logon, as people usually forget to remove read permission
        from the WinLogon entry (which keeps the auto-logon password
        stored in cleartext).
    ppl can read Application and Event logs remotely (w/ eventvwr.exe)

Is it just me, or is the entire principle of releasing this kind of information
(logs, processes, registry info), w/o explicit permission from the
completely flawed?  Anyone know how to disable these 'features'?

Jacob Langseth                          -=-finger for PGP key-=-
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