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Re: NT security et al (Dangers of NetBIOS/NBT?)
From: sod () command com inter net (Scriptors of DOOM)
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 1996 01:38:06 GMT

Well hello there, folks, and I hope the day is treating you well.

My name is Colonel Panic and it has been delegated unto me to bring you
news of a little project we like to call the HP Bug of the Week.

Last week, as some of you may have caught on, we put up for display a
vicious little bug in HP's Remote Watch.  This week, since the Glance
performance monitor has been mentioned in a few places, we've decided
to go with that one.  HP has had a 'patched' version of Glance out for
quite a while now, and if you're running it, then go stamp 'root' on your
forehead 'cuz your UID has just been XORed with itself.

Also, for those of you still running an older copy of glance, we've included
some bugs to break those earlier revisions (but hey, get with the times!)

So the price is right, come on down, grab that copy of lynx and head on over
to http://command.com.inter.net/~sod, where one bug a week is the promise
that we keep, lest our souls burn in hell.



Hi there.  How are you?  Fine, I hope.  Why not just sit on down, relax,
pop a peppermint valium and think flowing blue-green water, then start up
that World Wide Web browser and point it toward that address up there.
Just feel nice and relaxed and browse through short page that we've got,
and then think to yourself "Wow, I bet our company could really use some
guys like this.  I think we should hire them and pay them a fortune 'cause
they'll be so valuable."  Think to yourself "they seem like really nice
guys", and then think "I like ice cream -- I bet these guys like ice cream,
too."  Then think about that chick who works across from you who you'd do
just about anything for, and how much more she'd like you if you gave us
a dumptruck full of money.  When she sees how generous you are, man, there'll
be no stopping her.  So why wait?  We're available to take that money off
your hands and show that really sweet, tasty, and delicious momma just what
kind of a man you really are.

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