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Re: Smashing the Stack: prevention?
From: jrvalverde () SAMBA CNB UAM ES (J.R.Valverde)
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 09:37:56 WET

2.  'hmm. what if you change the compiler?'
       C compilers could be modified to do bounds checking, and/or
problem functions could be made to complain to the user at compile time.
  ...   ...   ...
want to transform C into ADA! :)  Can we simply write off these type of
patches/additions to C and its compilers as "incorrect/bad ideas"?

        Actually you anser yourself. As silly as it would be to hammer
a nail with a pin having a hammer at hand, it would be not to use the
appropriate tool for programming.

        If ADA is the best tool (or Pascal, Oberon, or whatever) then
use it. Modifying a pin to become a hammer (when you already have one)
looks to me as silly as modifying C to become Pascal (when you already
have it). Complaining because one uses the wrong tool and smash your
finger doesn't make any sense to me. Wouldn't it be better to teach
people to use the appropriate language/tool for their needs? And
refusing furniture/systems built with bad materials/wrong tools?

Would you live in the attic of a sky-scraper built of mud over a
tectonic fail?

        In short, I don't think it is ever a good idea to change a
language only because you want to use another. Why not use that other?
If rewriting code, or developing a better new system bothers you as
too much work, reading Tannenbaum's works on Oberon may prove a good


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