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solaris ^[[1J reboot
From: oetiker () EE ETHZ CH (Tobias Oetiker)
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 1997 08:46:36 +0200

For a few months I have tried to get Sun to fix this annoying bug,
but they consider it unimportant :-( ... So I'll let you have it ...

Here goes:

How to reboot a sun ultra running solaris 2.5.1 from the
console, when being logged in as a normal user, without touching
STOP-A. (tested on ultra1 140m)

Try executing

perl -e 'print "\e[1J"'

on the console without starting X11. This will send your ultra
to kingdom come and only a power-on reset can get it back ...

Now why do I care?

Because some of our users like to telnet to a VAX system from the sun
console without starting up X11.  On the VAX they use their favorite editor,
which uses above escape sequence to clear the screen. Unfortunately the
screen clearing is a bit to effective on a ultra.

The Bug is in the Sun bug-database under ID 4039619 (that is the number
quoted by our sun service rep) The workaround according to sun is:
"Don't log into the VAX without starting X." Obvious yes ... thank you ...

have fun

 ______    __   _
/_  __/_  / /  (_) Oetiker, Timelord & SysMgr @ EE-Dept ETH-Zurich
 / // _ \/ _ \/ / TEL:+41(0)1-6325286  FAX:+41(0)1-6321194
/_/ \___/_.__/_/ oetiker () ee ethz ch http://ee-staff.ethz.ch/~oetiker

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