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Re: in.fingerd vulnerability
From: brian () ASL-LABS BC CA (Brian Hampson)
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 13:55:46 -0700

I made a call to DG, and the person I spoke with said "That's why it's
commented out, with a warning about security"

So....I reposted the message to the DGUSERS mailing list, and got the following
response.  We are in the midst of preparing for the upgrade, so I can't verify

As stated below...apparently it's fixed in MU03.  FWIW, DG/UX is officially up
to 4.11MU04,with 4.20 coming soon.

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This was posted on the BUGTRAQ(large distribution among the security AND
hacking communities) mailing list the other day....A HUGE security hole in
DGUX's finger.  A call to DGUX resulted in a "well...that's why it's commented
out by default"... :(

I'm in the process of submitting an RFE with DG, but I don't have a lot of

Brian - FYI - This problem is fixed in revision R4.11MU03 and later of DG/UX.

William Crosmun
Data General Corp.

The only work arounds I can think of are:

1) disable fingerd
2) use tcpwrappers, and have a wrapper program check for the offending pipe and
other shell specials 3) find a third party fingerd that DOESN'T have this wide
open door to root.


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