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Re: Multiply bugs in MH-6.8.3 (Mail Handler program)
From: nolander () NOLANDER PP SE (nolander () NOLANDER PP SE)
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 21:47:27 +0200

Okay there is an overflow in MH-6.8.3, which is suid, which I THINK (not
sure), is installed, at least in Redhat 4.1+,  by default (I think this

  char *hdir, buf[BUFSIZ], *tmp;
                                             purposes if you try to
overflow this...just use a size
                                             of 9999, just to see if it

        hdir = getenv("HOME");
        if (hdir == NULL)
                hdir = ".";
        (void) sprintf(buf, "%s/.netrc", hdir);

All this was in ruserpass.c...

ruserpass(host,&user,&pass); is found in msgchk.c, in checkremote() or
something like that... meaning that the host aren't vulnerable if not
configured.. this is from a system where mh was installed w/o being
configured (default)

[nolander () sangis nolander]$ /usr/bin/mh/msgchk -host muroff
msgchk: no servers available

check mana mh-tailor for more info about this server stuff :)

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