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Communicator exploits
From: fernand.portela () IBM NET (Fernand Portela)
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 14:06:08 +0200

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A few weeks ago, I've posted in this mailing-list an advisory about
issues in Netscape Communicator. Since a fixed release (4.05) is now
available to users, I think I can publish the exploits themselves.

If you received this mail in Communicator 4.04 or previous (NN2.x and
3.x are not vulnerable), simply click the links in the attached HTML
document for a demonstration of the bugs.

Fernand PORTELA                                               aka Nando
fernand.portela () ibm net                                nando () mygale org
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function load_page() {
  w = window.open( '', 'prefs' );
  w.origin = window.document.URL;
<p>Click here
for a demonstration of the first exploit.
<p>Click here
for a demonstration of the second exploit.


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